Our Services

Common questions about our repair & restoration services.

1. Book a drop-off through our online booking form. You’ll be asked how many items you’ll be dropping off and to specify any particular services you require. If you’re unsure, the team will suggest what services they think are needed once your item(s) have been dropped off.

2. Once items are received in our curbside box, you’ll receive a quote via text by the end of the day. Please note; all orders over $40 require a 50% deposit. When the quote is approved & the deposit has been paid, the work will begin.

3. Upon completion of your repair(s), you will receive a notification via text.

Once we receive your drop off, our team members assess each of your items and devise a comprehensive quote detailing any services you specifically requested as well as any other recommended services for your item(s). This quote will be sent via text within 24 hours of your drop off.  Please note your quote is only valid for 10 working days.

Your bespoke quote details every service we can do to fully revive your item(s), from standard shoe repairs to advanced restorations. You can accept or decline any service. If you’re having difficulty understanding your quote, contact us at 647-995-3306.

1. Once you have been notified about the completion of your repair(s) via text. You can book a pick-up appointment through our online booking form.

2. An appointment confirmation will be sent via email, along with a list of step by step instructions.

3. All Invoices must be paid in full prior to your appointment. Expect your emailed invoice one to two days prior to your pick up.

4. Arrive on time to your appointment and enjoy your newly repaired item(s)!

1. Book your pick up or currier drop off under sole express services.

2. Please ensure that you are within our currier service map. (Find our Map HERE)

3. If your address is outside the parameters feel free to contact us and we can accommodate as best as possible. Please note that extra charges may apply.

4. Provide your contact, address and any specific information our currier should follow upon arrival.Kindly follow Covid-19 Safety regulations for yours and our curriers safety.

1. Begin by filling out our mail in service form. Upon completion you will receive an email notification with step by step instructions and any other necessary information.

2. If you require a quote prior to shipping your items, feel free to contact us via email with notes and detailed photos. We will provide an estimated quote and finalize it once we have received your item(s).

3. Include name contact and return address inside your parcel. Please note all shipping fees must be covered by the customer. Turn around time may be affected due to shipping. 

4. Once we have received your package a finalized quote will be emailed. Confirm your repairs and your order will be processed.

5. Once completed you will be notified via email and the parcel will be shipped out back to the return address. Tracking numbers will be provided in email. 

Please make sure to check your junk folder. If your email has not been received, please text, call or email us and we can will provide you with the necessary information. 

We accept all types of payments. A 13% sales tax is applicable. Visa, Debit, cash and E-transfer are all accepted. Should you require to pay cash or E-transfer please contact us ahead of time and we can set up payment.  

No, when filling in the intake form, the system will ask how many items will be dropped off. Kindly follow and fill the right information to the best of your ability, according to the items you’d like to repair with us. For 5 items or more we ask that you email us with a breakdown of the items including photos and notes of the repairs you are inquiring about. 


Questions about our repair services.

Sole Survivor is a shoe and leather repair shop. Sole Survivor skillfully uses techniques such as stretching, patching, dyeing and polishing to bring your well loved worn-out shoes back to life!

We offer resoling of leather and rubber shoes, zipper repairs on shoes and and bags, and we now have sneaker and leather restoration services! From resoling Red Wing boots, to re-coking Birkenstock and everything in between, Sole Survivor is your go-to shoe repair shop for custom repairs and more!

You can get a preliminary quote by emailing us images and details of your item(s). However, this preliminary quote is just an estimate and not the final quote. We’ve learned that no matter how many photos we receive, we can’t issue an accurate quote without assessing your item(s) in person.

The length of time depends on the work required. As a guide, cleaning and standard repairs typically take 5 – 15 business days, while bespoke services such as; sewing, full soles or leather restoration typically take longer. You will be given an estimated turnaround time when you receive your quote. If you require your item(s) for a specific date, please make sure to mention that in your notes section of the online booking form. 

We use top-of-the-line materials, in the case we do not have the right material on hand we can special order should our suppliers have it in stock. Some of the brands we carry include Vibram, Birkenstock, Red Wing, Avanti, and many more.

Yes, we can do work on bags, leather jackets, straps, watch straps, hats, belts and any other item you might have made of leather! If you’re unsure you can always contact us via call, text or email. Photos of your items are always encouraged. 

We donate all items left in the shop after 30 days of completion. Our studio space is limited and storing all items pass this time is not possible. We make sure to send out a reminders once your repair(s) approaches this timeline. If you can’t pick up your item(s) please contact us otherwise you will have to hunt down your shoes at our local donation shop!

We offer alterations and accept custom handmade projects. Should you have any questions, please contact us via text or email with detailed notes and photos of the item(s).

For all alterations, we require a one on one consultation/fitting. Once you have dropped off your item(s) we will send a quote and set up a consultation date. We ask that all our customers follow our studio Covid-19 protocols during appointments. 

We carry a wide range of leather and shoe care products. Starting from our in-house line of all natural beeswax conditioner, to the sought after “sneakerhead” holy grail of sneaker cleaner and protector Jason Markk, as well as an extensive selection of laces, polish brushes, and much much more. Shop our catalog here.

We are always trying out new brands, and are always open to suggestions if we don’t carry your favourite product(s)!

We ship throughout all of Canada and internationally. Our repairs and product ship from Toronto, Ontario, and we offer shipping rates that are calculated based on your address location and the content of your repair.

Repair Concerns & Feedback

More questions about our repairs & services.

Officially, we guarantee our work for three months, but we judge each case on its merits. This may seem like a small window, but we have no way of knowing what your item comes in contact with or how it’s used once it leaves our care and that may impact the work we’ve done.

Each restoration is unique and the way it wears is dependent on multiple factors, including its original condition. We aim to manage your expectations and know what to expect before you approve your quote. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of our work beyond three months, we will strive to find a solution for you. We treat each order with compassion and want you to be proud of the work we have done, as we are. Please note that our services may affect the brand warranty on your item.

We are in the business of doing the ‘sole work’ most repairers and restorationists won’t do. If we feel there is a meaningful risk that we can’t control, we will explain this to you and obtain your permission. Please note that upon arrival, we photograph each of your items. We also make note of any existing damage and the general condition they arrive in and communicate this in your assessment. Please read this carefully and let us know if you are in disagreement as soon as possible. Please also read our terms and conditions.

We provide a “slow-fashion repair” service and aim for you to have a satisfying  experience. If you’re unsatisfied with the result or process, please contact our team at info@solesurvivorshop.com or call us at 647-995-3306. 

Please note that our customer service lines are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 10am – 6pm and queries will be answered in English.

Collaborations & Projects

Questions about custom projects or collaborations.

Yes we do! We accept all kinds of contract work into our shop. Creative projects and large quantity work is always welcomed. We have experience in working for film and the performing arts as well as have collaborated with local artist in multiple shoe projects.

If you are inquiring about a collaboration or project, please contact us at info@solesurvivorshop.com