About Us

Our Mission

Cobbling is a craft which can only be mastered when an individual wholeheartedly dedicates herself to exploring the many different leather techniques and principles. Sole Survivor remains connected to the origins of cobbling, placing precedents on the quality of work over the quantity of sales.

Each project is unique, there is no set solution which means it is up to the creativity and competence of the cobbler to come up with an effective and reliable fix. We fully stand behind each project we complete.

The process of repairing leather shoes and boots is an intimate one. At Sole Survivor our team reserves the right to be selective when taking on repair projects. This is because we believe that agreeing to remedy severely damaged footwear is to become personally involved with it. Much like a sculptor or a painter, a professional cobbler understands that to be successful they must have both a natural skill and a practiced precision. Sole Survivor is deeply committed to authentic, honest values, and our work ethic ensures all repairs are finished to the highest degree of standards.

The Sole Survivor Team

Sole Survivor is an all-female shoe and leather repair shop located in Toronto. Built on a foundation of honest values, traditional techniques and unmatched attention to detail, Sole Survivor is your one-stop shop for any shoe and leather repair. Lorena and her skilled staff treat each repair with the utmost care and ultimately their respect and passion for well-made footwear and leather goods is reflected in the work.

Sole Survivor breathes new life into your well-worn and loved leather goods, and specializes in the the following repairs: shoes, boots, handbags, belts, watch straps, small leather goods and so much more. If you’re looking for someone who cares just as much as you do about your cherished leather items it’s the ladies at Sole Survivor.

Our Founder

In 2013, Lorena Agolli became the owner and head cobbler of Sole Survivor shoe repair. Since then, she has been transforming the business into a go-to establishment for those who have footwear dilemmas. Sole Survivor offers a variety of quality repair services while upholding a commitment to exceptional workmanship, authentic customer service and affordable prices. Lorena educates individuals on the step-by-step repair process and offers helpful tips which assist with the upkeep and protection of leather and a variety of other goods. This communication builds lasting relationships with satisfied customers while ensuring that every job is a positive experience.

Built on a foundation of honest values, traditional techniques and unmatched attention to detail Sole Survivor successfully transforms and repairs all types of shoes, boots, handbags and leather goods. Lorena is a creative spirit who enthusiastically comes up with solutions for even the most troubling footwear challenges. At Sole Survivor each and every service is completed with care. From patching and stitching to size alterations and heel lifts, Lorena manages a reliable establishment equipped to tackle any challenge.

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